What many thought was an act of bragging is turning into reality after ECG Leader, Shepherd Bushiri making promises he had made earlier this year come to pass. While Many rural and semi urban communities in Malawi were crying out on hunger concerns, no one, not even the Government of Malawi came in to support. During moments the nation faces hunger challenges is the same moment prices of food rise.

Unlike previous years, where hunger cries were never responded to, this year has been different. Malawi has been blessed with cheap maize during such a hunger period using a man that was once despised in his own country, “Shepherd Bushiri”. Despite gaining forces of opposition from higher authorities, ‘Major One’ as his followers refer to him, has went against all odds to provide for the people of his country during times of need.

In his journey to distribute Maize across the whole country, Bushiri Maize has already been distributed to over 6 districts including the state President’s district, “THYOLO”. In an interview with one of the residents of Thyolo that has benefited from this cheap maize, he stressed, “We never though such could happen to us during these dark days. Times were hard and as we expected harder time ahead, a sudden transition has fallen upon us and we are thankful. Bushiri is a blessing to the people of Thyolo”.

The Shepherd Bushiri Foundation team are set to distribute such cheap maize to each and every corner of Malawi and asks Malawian citizens to keep praying for the foundation to succeed on this charity mission.

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