[E P] GrisVer – Funk Your Feelings

01. Before We Begin[sdm_download id=”20735″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”20735″]

02. Can’t Get Enough (feat. Luzio)[sdm_download id=”15249″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”15249″]

03. Don’t Funk With My Heart (feat. Binco & Mungo)[sdm_download id=”20749″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”20749″]

04. Magic (feat. Luzio)[sdm_download id=”20754″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”20754″]

05. This Is An Intermission (feat. Liam Leon)[sdm_download id=”20757″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”20757″]

06. Breaking Away (feat. Chiko Chalie)[sdm_download id=”20760″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”20760″]

07. Didn’t Forget The Robots (feat. BaseCube & Binco)[sdm_download id=”20763″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”20763″]