MIGHT QUESSY BE THE NEXT BIG THING? Making The Case For A Rising Star.

Having started his music journey 4 years ago, Quessy seems to have gathered all the right ingredients for success in the music industry as earlier as his first year through resilience and persistence to get better.

Being an Afro Dancehall artist, Quessy made the acquaintance of one of Malawi’s top Afro Dancehall prospects, Jay Jay Cee early on and hasn’t looked back, making major moves to help catapult himself to the highest echelons of Malawian music, garnering fan support with the effort and talent on display.

It all seems like the dream was premeditated, but that’s not the case, the artist was actually pressured into music as all his friends were doing music. Such an unusual start to a blooming carrier is exactly what the doctor ordered, as Quessy is slowly making a name for himself among music lovers in the country.

His latest single, Makina is a testament to the growth of the artist and his ever rising star. The song takes an interesting approach to a love song as it highlights how breathtaking the girl of his dreams is, and continues to lay down some mesmerising lyrics to go with the catchy instrumentation.

If i was a betting man, i wouldn’t bet against Quessy becoming one of the powerhouses of the industry in a few years time.