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In the midst of the political tensions arising in our beloved mother land following the Concourt ruling on the Elections case, one upcoming gospel artist, Chiwe  has took an initiative to use his music as a tool to unite Malawians as we are slowly being divided by partisan politics and tribalism.

Chiwe is set to release his two singles titled “Four letter word” and “All we need” that basically talks about what we can all achieve if we are to put love before anything, be it political or ideological differences. The singles will be premiered Saturday, 15 February on radio 2 FM inside James Gumbwa’s born and bred and will be available for downloading on Mikozi website.

In the song “All we need” which was recorded in reggae genre, Chiwe says that when composing the song he had to think of Malawi’s current political unrest which is driving Malawians in separate ways.

“Despite being an acoustic gospel artist, I thought of doing a song that can unite us both regardless of our religion, political and tribal differences that’s why I recorded it in a reggae genre as it is the notable music genre associated with unity, peace and love,” said Chiwe.

The artist says he is concerned with the series of demonstrations that Malawi has been going through since last year to present after the Concourt ruling on Election case. One of the which is the recent demonstrations organized by Human Rights Defendant Coalition (HRDC) to shutdown Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)  offices in Mzuzu that turn out to be violent demonstrations as the demonstrators pelted stones on the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldiers.

“Through the song, I am also talking to political and opinion leaders that the decisions they make should be aimed at building and uniting Malawians rather than serving their egos or their favoring one tribe because nonetheless we are all one and we bleed red no need for hatred,” said Chiwe.

Chiwe is an artist who came into limelight last year after releasing his EP titled Mawu. He was born Eliam Chiweleni Banda on 29th May 1997 and hails from Mzenga village, T/ A Malengamzoma in Nkhatabay. He studied Finance at Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) and graduated in 2018, currently he is working with Export Development Fund (EDF) in Lilongwe.

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