[News] ‘EASY BABY’ HITS 123K VIEWS ON YouTube!

By: Tendai Malata

77K views to go as Onesimus targets 200K views off the trending video, ‘Easy Baby’ which dropped on the 28th of January, 2020 a single from his second album Messenger.

Easy Baby video made headlines as it hit 40,000 views in 48 hours and boosted his video sales with 50% on Shazam, generating 4, 700+ new listeners in just two days of the video release.

The next two weeks, the video hit 100K followers, increasing with an average of 20K followers per week. Three weeks after, Onesimus got interviewed  on 5FM where Smash Africa said “We all now know that you’re going global, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you’re out there.” In the same interview, Onesimus announced his tour to London.

It is quite undeniable that Onesimus’s music is now globally known! After winning the AFRIMA awards as best Male Artist in African Inspirational Music category, where other big musicians such as Mr Leo, Ommy Dimpoz, Daphil Colag and others were nominated, he eventually came outstanding! The album ‘Messenger’ made massive sales across Africa and the rest of the world.

It’s now a month and a week since Easy Baby video got released, with 123K views on YouTube, do you think the video can hit 1M views over time?

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