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Whether through earphones, MP3 players, streaming online, TV or radio, people indulge in different varieties of genres through sound, rhythm and melody. Afro Pop, a sub-genre of Pop music has gained popularity in the mainstream across the world and occupies 30% of all listeners.


Malawi, is one of the countries producing fine Afro-Pop musicians who are bewildering on international markets. Emerging from Nigeria and Ghana, the spread of the genre has led a good number of artists venturing in the industry including Izaah, a Malawian upcoming artist with a breath of fresh air charisma.


Born Justice Mwanza, Izzah started his music career at a tender age of 16. Discovering his talent, his mother was upfront about her sons talent and so ambitious at promoting his music and Izzah grew up by her aspiration to win. Unfortunately, his mother died a few years ago and Izzah still believes she sees her from above as a guardian angel.


Years in music went by and support became a bit harder as Izzah had to fund his musical career on his own. Lack of management had been a big constraint until Tiwonge Gondwe of Raw Jam Entertainment scouted the 24 year old’s talent and signed him under Raw Jam record label late 2019.


Since signing under Raw Jam Records, Izzah has worked on several songs which his manager describe as ‘game changing’. “Izzah, has a zealous fervor in music and his voice is sensational. I believe his passion for music is real and I opt to uplift his talent and get his music elsewhere” says Mr Gondwe, his manager.


First ever song from his upcoming project drops on 25th January, 2020. The song title is ‘Ndivine’, a gospel song that praises the Lord for all the good things he does for everyone. “Koma na lero lokha, poti mbuye mwandidalitsa ine, ndivineko pang’ono” sings the chorus.


The song will be made available on different platforms. Be on the look out for Izzah.

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