[NEWS] Trap! A Young Mans Game-Kay Li

He goes by the name Happy Tembo, better known by his stage name Kay Li. He hails from Mzimba and is 17 Years old. He found his passion in music when he was only 13 in which he recorded his first song. Due to this experience in the studio and excitement of hearing his own song the once activity that he considered a hobby was quickly turned into a career.

Kay Li specifically chose to venture into the ‘Trap’ genre as he says after observing Malawians, he noticed a huge percentage of young people follow this genre therefore he would have a wide audience if he made trap songs, on the other hand he says trap has a more appealing sound to make it on the international market thus more reason to pick up this genre.

So young in his career he has managed to score a feature with trap star Quest however on the collaboration topic, he has his eyes set on the likes of Gwamba, Toast, Charisma, Martse and phyzix, hoping he will have the opportunity to work with them to further enhance his trap career. As of recent he has released a single titled ‘Ayi’ which he recorded with Thapsy at CK Spark Production Studios and hoping this single will be the one to help him go mainstream and gain recognition across Malawi.


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