It’s not often that we see rising stars punch above their weight by bringing in the stars to spice up their music. You usually hear things like “I don’t want anyone to claim they made me famous”, but that’s not R Berto.

Born Albert Ataka, R Berto is an Ireland based Malawian artist who kick started his journey in the industry as a rap artist until he was influenced to start singing and do music in Chichewa.
Having started music at an early age of 16, R Berto faced the same challenges most Malawian artists face as he was encouraged to focus on school by his father, but the artist decided to ignore that advice and it’s beginning to pay dividends.

The talented singer having stuck to his guns on pursuing music has managed to get 3 of the biggest names to jump on his Daily Remix project, namely Bucci, Charisma, and popular producer DJ Megi, who worked on the production of the song.

Such progress only speaks to the ambition of the artist to be big not just on the local scene, but on the international stage as well. “I wanna conquer africa and other continents musically in a few years to come.” R Berto stated.

By the looks of things, you wouldn’t argue that that dream is farfetched.

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