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Somizi and his husband Mohale set to have their 3rd wedding in Italy

Yoh! Talk about being different, Somizi and hubby Mohale are going to have a third wedding, and this time it’ll be in Italy.

The couple made a guest appearance on Metro FM’s Morning Flava breakfast show on Friday morning to talk about all thing love on Valentine’s Day.

It’s been just a couple of weeks since they celebrated their extravagant “red bottoms only” white wedding, but Somizi and Mohale are planning on celebrating their love even more.

During the interview, the flamboyant media personality revealed that he and Mohale were investing in a new home and had plans to jet off on their honeymoon to Coachella and Dubai in April.

“We decided not to go on honeymoon now because we are investing in a new home. We will only be honeymooning in April, we are going to Dubai and Coachella. We are planning our third wedding in July, on Mohale’s birthday, in Italy.

“And we are inviting anyone who can afford to come.”

Somizi explained that their wedding special, which will air on Showmax on February 24, will be a four-part special that shows them go through their traditional preparations to their glamorous white wedding.

“You are going to see the gap in how we did the stuff. We went in and did it properly.”

Shortly after their extravagant white wedding, SomG shared that he and Mohale knew the “unplugged” part of their wedding wouldn’t make their celebrity guests happy, but it was mainly for them to engage and embrace the moments shared at the wedding.

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