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Brands have rebranded to maintain relevance. Change of packaging and positioning are what have kept brands alive for many years. Rebranding is a process that can either uplift or bring down a product. Many music brands have channeled into a downfall trying to rebrand. Recently, Legendary music artist, Wendy Harawa automatically followed the rebranding process after recieving Christ and  switching from secular music into gospel.

This transition was indeed a dangerous step as not only did she rebrand her musical content but also her mode of delivery. She took a step that would completely make her lose her fans. Secular Wendy, as previously known  was strictly a Ragga Dancehall artist and the Gospel Wendy is strictly RNB and her recent release, “No longer a slave to fear” has added a soul element to her RNB.

This New Wendy Harawa is not Wendy Harawa!, BUT SURPRISINGLY!, her diverse transition did not affect her followers not even a single bit! Instead of losing her old target audience, The New Wendy has managed to maintain the same audience, better yet grow it.

Maintaining and Growing this audience has given Wendy Harawa added advantage in the Gospel arena and is by far one of Malawi’s biggest Gospel artist with very loyal fans.